The Grihd Foundation

The mission of The Grihd Foundation is to give back to the places that mean the most to all of us, our communities. This is directed at providing underprivileged youth with the opportunity to learn and interact with technology from an early age.


As our world becomes more digital, virtual, and data oriented; we pledge to distribute 10% of our quarterly profits to lower economic school districts. By providing these students with current hardware and software, we succeed in keeping this demographic relevant with developing opportunities in the marketplace.

Partner With Us.

Grihd is in the seed stages of development. As we build the product platform, we are excited to build and create with this community. We are looking for partners who not only understand our vision, but can bring their own ideas to the table.


All of our investment capital is being leveraged to complete the development of our product.

We are in seed development.


Connect with us.